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Timing of gift was wrong

I READ the article about Hear The Word Ministries giving the current regime a “gift” of $30m (Zimbabwe Independent, January 9) with absolute disgust and disbelief.

“>If this “gift” was in accordance with the scriptures, then why have they not given such a gift before now – before the surge in torture, rape and pillage? Why did they not take up an offering five years ago?

Perhaps this “gift” is a pay-off to ensure favour with the regime and ensure that their new building is not next in line for “repossession”!

Thank God for real men like Pius Ncube who will stand up, speak out and not be afraid to put their lives on the line.

That $30m gift could have done a lot of good somewhere else, perhaps fed a lot of starving people … what a pity it paid off Hear The Word’s conscience.

I would also like to thank the Zimbabwe Independent for its outstanding service to all of us. The trials and tribulations that you are facing everyday in your quest to tell the truth are very much admired and appreciated.

Thank you for standing on the front line.

Connie Long,


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