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Be wary of this woman

MY friend was last Sunday approached by a lady claiming to be from Mozambique, asking for directions to the Pink House from Borrowdale Village.

, Helvetica, sans-serif”>She claimed not to understand English very well and begged my friend to take her there. She promised to pay her US$100 in return. Very tempting.

When my friend initially showed reluctance the woman was very persistent and in the end she relented and the two jumped into her car.

Luckily enough, one of the women who works in the kiosk saw this happening and managed to get the security guard to stop the car – just in time.

Following closely behind were three men in a twin-cab. This woman has approached two people I know of already – one at Arundel Village and now this one.

Please ignore this woman and walk away if you can and make sure you are not alone when you approach your vehicle to avoid a confrontation with her three accomplices.

People will stop at nothing to get what they want – your life may be at risk and even the lure of US$100 is not worth it.

Sam Banda,


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