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Should we go the Zambian way?

THE other day I was talking to a colleague about the economic and political crises that we have in Zimbabwe.

As she is

Zambian she told me that Zambia once experienced this problem under the leadership of Kenneth Kaunda.

She specifically referred to the period 1980-89 when there were food shortages, dirty hospitals lacking medicines, poor school results, very bad roads, poor transportation system, corruption in high offices, sophisticated car jacking and robberies, long queues for basic services, high inflation rate and bad governance.

As Zimbabweans we are all now familiar with these problems. The Zambian situation only began to change for the better when Fredrick Chiluba’s opposition Movement For Multi-party Democracy (MMD) came to power after booting out Kaunda and his Unip.

Do we also need a change of government (and not Gono) for our situation to improve for the better!

Please allow us to debate this in your good paper.

Food for Thought,


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