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Better keep your money

ODDS offered by Mashonaland Tote do not appear to be very beneficial to its patrons.

On September 9, I decided to have a small bet on a horse called “The Last Drop”, which was running in the St Ledger at York. The English bookmak

ers, Ladbrokes, were offering a price of 66-1: the horse was the least fancied in the race, and started at 50-1.

Since I was unable to avail myself of these odds, I decided to have a place bet with Mashonaland Turf Club (MTC), and wagered $4 000. Happily, the horse ran second but, on arrival at MTC, I was astonished to be paid only $4 400.

The on-course tote paid out £8 for a £1 place bet, ie odds of 7-1 against. The MTC odds were 10-1 on — that is to say you were required to wager $10 to win $1 when backing the least-favoured horse.

When remonstrating with the staff, who were very helpful and pleasant, I was shown that indeed there was no mistake in their calculation. Anyone else who is tempted would be well advised to put their money in their pocket and enjoy a beer, while awaiting the result!

N R Huntley-Walker,


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