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Could the governor please explain …

By Concerned Citizen

THE Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) that you head was involved in the procurement of fertiliser from South Africa yet your November 11 press statemen

t on the RBZ website did not address pertinent issues. For that reason, answers to the following questions are required:

* Are you aware of the state procurement policies, procedures and regulations?

* Did you or any of your officers have any contact with the State Procurement Board (SPB) over the fertiliser issue? If you had such contact, can you explain it?

* When and how was the decision to import fertiliser made?

* Who (respective officials and institutions) were involved in the decision (to import the fertiliser?)

* What were the total foreign currency requirements for the three local fertiliser companies to recover their production capacity?

* How many tonnes would have been produced by the local companies if there was adequate foreign currency?

* Was the fertiliser tender publicly floated? By who, where and when did it close?

* What were the product specifications?

* How many suppliers tendered to supply? What are their names?

* How many suppliers won the tender and at how much? What are their names?

* Who was on the selection panel?

* Can you provide a half-page profile of each of the suppliers who won the tender? (Who are the shareholders, directors and managers for the company and how long have they been in business? Who else have they done business of this magnitude with?)

* Are the suppliers who won the tender manufacturers or retailers/agricultural commodity brokers?

If they are manufacturers, where are their plants located? If they are an agricultural product commodity broker, where did they procure the fertiliser from?

* Who was and is the contact person for Zimbabwe in this deal?

* Who structured the finance for Zimbabwe and for how many tonnes? What were the terms? What was the role of Nedbank and the Rand Merchant Bank?

* How and when were the suppliers paid?

* What was the price per tonne?

* How much has been paid so far and for how many tonnes? and

* Any other information you may find useful to a citizen of Zimbabwe?

Looking forward to your timely response.

Concerned Citizen is a pen name for a writer based in Harare.

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