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Pamire on way out

Itai Dzamara

THE reprieve that controversial Zimbabwe Football Associ-ation (Zifa) acting chairman, Vincent Pamire is enjoying afterbouncing back from an ouster two weeks ago may be shor


Investiga-tions by IndependentSport have revealed that Pamire is on his way out.

A grand strategy has been established by members of the Zifa council, the majority of whom, it emerged this week are agreed that the acting chairman must go.

A Zifa council meeting held in Bulawayo last weekend nullified a vote of no confidence in Pamire passed in Harare two weeks ago.

Charles Westerfall, who had earlier resigned from the Zifa board had been appointed acting chairman.

However, while Pamire and his backers interpreted this as a major victory, it emerged this week that the move was well-orchestrated in order to calm the waters.

A lot of consultations have been held for the purpose of thawing temperatures for now by reinstating Pamire to his acting capacity pending the boot at the end of this month.

Elections for the positions of chairman and board members responsible for finance and development are scheduled for the end of this month.

Sources behind the manoeuvres towards a “dignified exit” for Pamire as well as those who attended the meeting in Bulawayo last week revealed the plot.

“The issue of a vote of no confidence in Pamire was threatening to completely ravage the association while at the same time posing the danger of us being suspended by international associations, thereby affecting the Warriors,” a source said.

“It is for that reason that we decided to calm the waters by letting Pamire act as chairman for less than a month and then make him meet his fate at the elections.”

The meeting in Bulawayo was by and large successful in that it had a bigger attendance and wider representation than the one convened in Harare by a faction of the Zifa council seeking to uphold Pamire’s suspension, hence the notion that it symbolised a boost for Pamire.

Two out of the three Zifa regions – the Northern and the Southern Regions – attended the meeting.

The Eastern Region, where Westerfall comes from – attended the Harare meeting. The Premier Soccer League had some of its officials at both meetings while the Women’s Soccer League attended the Bulawayo meeting.

Given this scenario, Pamire is understood to be working now for the disruption of elections scheduled for the end of the month. The acting chairman could, however, not be reached for comment this week.

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