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Makwavarara’s taste for luxury appalling

THE Combined Harare Residents Association rejects the continued knack for luxury by the City of Harare, particularly regarding Sekesai Makwavarara, the chairperson of the illegal commission running the affairs of Harare.

Last month, the commission chairperson wanted the Ci

ty of Harare to fund the purchase of $35 billion worth of new curtains for the mayoral mansion, which she does not deserve at all. She is not Harare’s mayor, neither does she have the mandate of residents to be at the helm of the City of Harare.

Only last week the commission approved a move to purchase luxury vehicles for the workforce.

The Standard (April 9) reported that Makwavarara is involved in fresh controversy at Town House after she requested payment of $103 million for a decoder and satellite dish to be authorised. It was established that she had a satellite dish and decoder installed at the mayoral mansion without the commission’s approval.

The Harare Commission always bullies residents into funding its luxury without providing services that are a top priority to residents. The attempt by the municipality to solicit residents’ views on the need to borrow over $13 million from the open market is a cover-up because they refuse to listen to residents’ views.

About $1,1 trillion would purchase 183 one-tonne trucks at an average cost of $6 billion each and 90 sedans going for an average of $3,6 billion. Other items they want residents to purchase for their luxury are executive desks at about $50 million, office chairs and refrigerators.

CHRA is saddened by this trend at Town House where they prioritise peripheral matters ahead of substantial issues of refuse collection, repair of burst sewer and water pipes, water treatment and supply, road repairs and the plight of victims of Operation Murambatsvina who continue to suffer, almost a year after the demolitions and displacements.

The continued failure by the commission to organise fresh elections in Harare is clear testimony that they are only serving the political interests of the ruling party and the government. More so, this is an unparalleled propensity to spend on non-key issues.

CHRA reiterates that elections to choose councillors and mayor should be held urgently to return Harare to its rightful status of “Sunshine City”.  This is the sure way to have accountable and representative governance.


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