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Enlightened on MDC rift, thanks to Coltart

I WOULD like to thank David Coltart for his explanation of the dissension within the MDC, “MDC must deal with violence in its own ranks”, (Zimbabwe Independent, May 26).

It is the first time that I have clearly understood the cause for the division. The people

of Zimbabwe now have some very difficult choices to make. Zanu PF is a violent party. This has been well-documented, what with their land reform programme embraced as a “war” with all its implications.

They are responsible for the culture of violence that is now endemic in our society. This is what made the MDC such a welcome, positive and refreshing political movement which drew thousands into its ranks. Of course, it was not easy for the party to maintain a policy of non-violence when their opponents used (and still use) violence
to intimidate.

It is shocking that neither South Africa nor the African Union support a party with a philosophy of non-violence. It remains true that whichever party next governs Zimbabwe will have to deal with the issue of violence and impunity.

If Morgan Tsvangirai has finally succumbed and now chosen to respond to violence with violence, one cannot wholly blame him after all that the party has endured.


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