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A warning to ATM users

THIS is a warning to all ATM users.

I was using the CBZ’s Makoni branch ATM machine when I espied a camera attached to one corner of the ATM above my left shoulder, pointing directly at the ATM keypa


I do not remember the CBZ or the RBZ announcing this new system of technology to the public.

In these days of government paranoia, there’s every reason to believe that the cameras could be taking down customers’ personal details for forwarding to some government agency.

The cameras are not put there for security purposes because every bank has a security guard close to these ATMS.

It is obvious that the cameras are there to take down what ATM computers cannot.

I therefore urge ATM users to block their ATM transactions from the cameras when they enter their Pins.

I have a hunch these cameras are illegal. Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, please take note of these violations of our privacy.

Tony Namate,


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