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Zim polls: problem is the constitution not Mudede

I AM a full-bloodied Zimbabwean currently based in the UK who has been an active participant in the political processes unfolding in the country since 1997 and I bear the scars for it.

Helvetica, sans-serif”>It is depressing to read in your pages and elsewhere that the MDC intends to contest next year’s poll because they feel they can “exploit” the cracks emerging in Zanu PF and the economic meltdown.

It seems to me that party leader Morgan Tsvangirai and company do not realise what they are up against. Worse still, they have not learnt anything from the past electoral history of the country.

The problem with Zimbabwean elections is not registrar-general Tobaiwa Mudede but the lopsided and warped legal framework under which these elections are held which always guarantee the ruling party victory.

It has been said before that the next election must be held under a new democratic constitution which levels the playing field. I wonder who must be killed, tortured or exiled for the MDC to realise that right now it’s in a no-win situation.

The MDC should right now be mobilising people to push for a new constitution and must state without any fear, doubt or ambiguity that it will not be abused into endorsing a Zanu PF victory.

There is no doubt that the MDC will win a free and fair election but they have to ensure, at least for the sake of those who were killed or brutalised by Zanu PF, that conditions are right. Kwatabva ndiko kwavekure macomrades (We have come a very long way comrades). First things first.

Innocent Mavula,


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