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Don’t commercialise our heroes’ deaths

ZIMBABWEAN musicians have become ghoulish in their efforts to get money. There is no other way to describe these vultures who wait to pounce on a dead animal.


ghoulish tendency originated in Gweru after the death of Joshua Nkomo. The way the ghoulish gala was advertised by our national broadcaster, the ZBC/TV was very nauseating to say the least.

Nkomo was suddenly portrayed as a saint. President Robert Mugabe also fell backwards in praising the dead hero. Our local musicians’ praises were hollow because all they were interested in was the money they were going to get from the bash.

Nkomo was hounded by President Mugabe’s government and not a single musician now praising him in death ever protested. Thousands of Zimbabweans lost their lives simply because they belonged to Nkomo’s Zapu.

Should the people of Zimbabwe go on a drinking binge and braai during the so-called gala and forget the ill-treatment meted out to their dead heroes?

After Nkomo came the turn of Simon Muzenda, the late vice-president of the country. For obvious political reasons, Masvingo was chosen as the next venue for yet another ghoulish gala.

Radio and television were awash with nothing original but Mzee this, Mzee that yet he was instrumental in the political and economic destruction of the country.

While President Mugabe was crafting ways of destroying Zimbabwe, Mzee never made any effort to rein him in. If my memory serves correctly, Mzee supported everything done by President Mugabe with gusto.

The Shona saying that wafa wanaka (the dead is righteous) should not apply to politicians because of the untold suffering they have brought to the people of Zimbabwe.

Opposition political parties and organisations are not allowed to hold rallies and other activities yet the ghoulish musicians are allowed to hold whole night galas with full police protection.

No prize for guessing the next victim after the Mzee gala. Yes, you have guessed correctly. The next victim in death is Eddison Zvobgo. ZBC/TV is already preparing for the next gala evidenced by the unearthly praises poured on the man who only escaped a Zanu PF kangaroo court through death.

Why do families of these dead heroes allow our musicians to commercialise their deaths? Are family members paid royalties for using the names of their dead ones by the unscrupulous musicians? I hope Zvobgo Junior will not permit ghouls to use his father’s name to make profit.

Wonders Never Cease,


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