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Onus on the young to effect change

WE have all watched events unfolding, hoping for a better Zimbabwe and today we still hope for the hopeless.

In our scenario we all know the solution, and tackling it remains our major challenge. The question is: how do we liber

ate ourselves as a nation? The old guard’s syndrome of patriotism and looting in the process of protecting one another has led to scandals, corruption and a further decline of the economy.

An analysis of events clearly shows that we have been taken for a ride for quite some time now and the current generation should be involved in finding a lasting solution.

The revisit of a home-grown constitution and the land reform saw the birth of democratic forces and resistance by those who fear change.

We are faced with a government full of people who can’t accept failure or criticism. We can safely say the Abuja agreement, Thabo Mbeki, Joaquim Chissano, Benjamin Mkapa and the Olusegun Obasanjo mediations, among other internal initiatives, are now dead and buried.

The church has also brought its suggestion of the Zimbabwe we want but for how long shall we tolerate our contributions falling on deaf ears?

The old guard has brought this nation to its knees while patriotism and nepotism have failed us. As kids we were told to respect the elderly as they were said to be associated with wisdom. But today we question the wisdom of those who lead us.

Is this the Zimbabwe we want? Should we all fall for the ridiculous mantra — we fought for this country, or Zimbabwe ndeyeropa (Zimbabwe came through bloodshed?)

Can we say the whole bunch of leaders who tried to mediate failed?

I beg to differ with those who say Mbeki’s quiet diplomacy has failed us when we should be uniting to find solutions on our own. In any case, he has his own problems to worry about in the ANC.

Another source of our woes are the Chinese seeking to loot our minerals.

The young generation should unite to bring change for the benefit of posterity. As one we will conquer, and divided we are bound to fall and be crushed. No one will ever do it for us but ourselves.

For how long shall we listen to the same old songs of hope while poverty is the order of the day?


Glen Norah B,


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