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I’ve never been against unity, says Sikhala

“THERE is strength in Unity”, (Zimbabwe Independent Comment, November 17) refers. There is no doubt that your paper occupies an important space in the field of information dissemination and its balanced reporting no doubt immensely contributed to the up

surge in readership as compared to other papers whose readership remains stagnant for practising advocacy journalism.

This difference should be kept so as to keep yards ahead of those we hear have their stories written and edited in public drinking places with bills of beer being paid in advance.

“It is no comfort to hear that this intransigence was reflected in the ranks of Mutambara’s faction. St Mary’s MP Job Sikhala, deputy secretary-general Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga and Nkayi MP Abedinigo Bhebhe argued vociferously at their meeting against unity,” we are told.

I heard this statement for the first time from Jameson Timbe, who over some bottles of beer in the Quill Club, told our party spokesman Gabriel Chaiva: “Sikhala is against unity.”

I called him and warned him against spreading heresy. If it was manifest of an opinion, it could be accepted. To vouchsafe it as fact is dangerous.

The facts stand as follows: The said Misihairabwi-Mushonga was not in attendance at the national executive meeting. She was already a week out of the country defending her masters degree dissertation at a University in the UK.

Secondly, no such subject was on the agenda. Only through the report of the secretary-general was there a mention of progress so far made in narrowing our differences. The issue of arguing “vociferously at their meeting against unity” is as untrue as the source of such unfounded allegations coated with mala fide intentions.

I am no coward contrary to the lie being peddled around that there is a coterie of individuals bent on frustrating the reunification process because they will lose their positions in the event of unity.

Unity has been my first prize as pronounced by the president of the party, Professor Aurthur Mutambara. I am on record advocating for unity and urging the elders of the party to talk to each other.

Positions have never been part of our agenda. I am one of the founders of the MDC. We bore the idea, foundation and construction of the MDC. It is Zanu PF nonsense that the MDC is a British and American creation. We know how we started it. Ask Morgan (Tsvangirai). He knows it all and better.

Furthermore, some of us have been in combat against the enemy of our people for a long time. Those who breastfed from Zanu PF did not know the challenge we were facing. We have seen it all. We slept in caves, mountains, ravines and maize fields in combat against the regime. Our private parts were burnt during torture to kill the spirit of resistance.

I am the most incarcerated member of the opposition in the history of this country since 2000. I have had more than 30 arrests and appearances in courts of law and had acquittals in the majority of them. No spike of fear was ever induced.

What kind of fantasy is that; I am afraid of unity? That is nonsense. Such issues of national importance should have their venues moved from beer halls to places of decency if we are serious to overthrow
this dictatorship. Spreading heresy when buying everyone beer in the Quill Club and behaving like a village bully makes a mockery of all negotiations without prejudice.

Bhebhe is laughing his lungs out.

“The bull of Nkayi” is the only opposition MP who routed Zanu PF hands down during the recent rural council elections after winning 15 out of 21 seats at contest, leaving Zanu PF clinging to a paltry six.

Mr Editor, it is important to check with your sources the authenticity of some claims so as to avoid pedestrian arguments. We were also available for our opinion before being unfairly labelled “political hawks” who “wish to pursue this senseless feud”.

Job Sikhala,

MDC Secretary for Security,

Intelligence and Defence &

MP for St Mary’s.

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