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Muzenda no hero

I WISH to correct those who were in the past few weeks hailing the late Simon Muzenda as a hero.

What criterion is used

for one to become a hero? Is it through his good deeds for the benefit of all that one is proclaimed a hero?

Muzenda was one of the people who fought against white oppression in Rhodesia in order to bring about the Zimbabwe we have today.

He fought white oppression and brought to Zimbabwe black oppression which we are accustomed to, through the rigging of elections, thuggery by the state machinery, corruption, the massive destruction and looting of the only prime asset of Zimbabwe – land. Muzenda and other people such as Hitler Hunzvi do not deserve to be at Heroes Acre.

The true heroes are those denied the right of burial at Heroes Acre such as Ndabaningi “Magwegwana” Sithole. Muzenda was part of the crowd that has destroyed this country.

Duran Rapozo,


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