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What is Marazanye’s alternative?

FREEDOM of speech aside, I am surprised to see you publishing a double page spread of thinly disguised racist drivel from Kudakwashe Marazanye (Independent, October 24).

In describing persons other than himself, as “uncivilised” black simpletons, Marazanye shows scant respect for his own people and I leave them to reply.

My concern is to find “Englishman” and “white” or plurals thereof, together with Britain, British and Europeans appear in one quarter of 64 sentences over-stuffed 44 times with the word “English”. All are recorded in derisive contexts and terms.

The purported thrust of his twaddle is against the widespread usage in a multi-lingual country of a language which finds extensive, if not universal acceptance, worldwide.

Yet his point has no practical validity, none whatsoever, for there is no merit in offering criticism of any institution without a remedial, and above all, a workable alternative being substituted.

This becomes all the more important in a country where very little functions as efficiently as it should – if it functions at all.

To that extent, it is not as ironic as it would seem, that Marazanye appears to overlook the obvious contradiction of writing his piece in a language he so obviously derides, yet clearly uses!

Brian Ruff,


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