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Even RBZ is doing it too

I THOUGHT I must respond to your very strong remarks against Air Zimbabwe’s appeal to charge tickets in forex in your memo last week (Zim Independent, October 26).

It is important to remember that:

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lOther sectors, such as mining, are paying their electricity bills in forex. Noone complained when we advocated for that move last year and it is bearing fruit;

lMost business people including MPs pay other airlines in forex and actually sideline the national airline in favour of foreign ones. Where do they get all that forex from?

lIn the aftermath of the price blitz, shops were selling mostly imported goods. Where is that capital forex coming from?

When I say forex is “awash”, what I mean is, it may not be abundant in the normal channels — that is the banks — but it is definitely available on the streets and even under the bridges.

The RBZ buys forex from the parallel market to pay Zesa and Air Zimbabwe bills. What does that mean? Obviously the official rate is too low to entice those with forex to trade normally. What this economy definitely needs is BOP support which is not forthcoming at this juncture.

Do you seriously believe that our airline will survive by continuing to charge airfares in local currency? Give me a break! My advice is: Let us be real. If we can semi-dollarise, which I understand we have done, so what? Please read a revealing article on Page 14 of your paper’s last week edition for more insight.


Marah Hativagone,

ZNCC President.

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