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Cash barons must be named

IN his remarks last night, the RBZ governor disclosed that some of the cash barons were senior government officials and well-placed senior Zanu PF officials who are hoarding large sums of cash for speculative and money laundering purposes thereby causing serio

us cash shortages in the country.

We note that it is not the first time the governor has made these remarks.

At the Zanu PF extraordinary congress he made these remarks in front of the Head of State, politburo and central committee members of Zanu PF. The MDC parliamentary caucus strongly believes that this is a serious matter which needs urgent attention given the magnitude of the national cash crisis.

The parliamentary committee on finance and budget, with all the immunity and privileges granted to its witnesses is indeed the rightful platform for such disclosures to be made.

MDC parliamentary caucus calls on the finance and budget committee to urgently convene a meeting and invite the governor to name these cash barons.

It is criminal that those who are in the employ of the state, charged with the duty to service the people, can be so cruel to inflict such intense suffering on the very people they were entrusted to service.

We specifically call upon the chairperson of the parliamentary finance and budget committee, Hon David Butau MP to immediately convene the committee and invite the governor.

Priscilla Misihairabwi-


MDC Parliamentary


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