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50 Cent’s Hip-hop Interest ‘dwindling away’

50 CENT’S interest in hip-hop is “dwindling away”.

The Candy Shop star —— real name Curtis Jackson —— says people’s quest for money is starting to undermine the genre and he can barely recognise the reasons why he got involved anymore.

He said: “I think people are so conscious of the numbers they’re not being creative anymore.”

Despite his disillusionment with the genre, the rapper —— who has other ventures away from music, including fashion and movies —— is looking forward to releasing his Before I Self Destruct album later this year, which boasts a number of collaborations.

He added to Billboard magazine: “When Wisin and Yandel sent the actual concept, I listened to it and the melodies completely fit me. It could be a song that I could do apart from them. So we’re meeting on a ground that is completely comfortable for both of us. My duet with Justin Timberlake, for example —— there is more compromise for me there.”

“The content is similar to what you can see from 50 Cent, but the actual rap, style and cadence is different. But when I go into the song with Wisin and Yandel I didn’t even have to make those cadence changes.”
“When these guys finish mixing I’ll finish making the decisions. People look at my projects as if it’s only 50, but it’s really 50 Cent up to Dr Dre and Eminem standards”. —— Entertainment.stv.

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