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Let’s not forget Zanu PF’s handiwork

THE just-ended Heroes and Defence Forces days were very historic in that for the first time in 10 years, Robert Mugabe did not attack the MDC or its president Morgan Tsvangirai as the stooges of the West.

It was also historic in that Tsvangirai attended both events as the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe and some of the military generals showed that they were also human and saluted him for attending the Defence Forces Day.
As we commemorate the death of our gallant Zimbabwean sons and daughters who fought hard for the liberation of Zimbabwe, we should also remember hundreds of other innocent Zimbabweans who were unfortunate to be killed under ruthless circumstances by Zanu PF activists.
Some of the activists who come to mind are Gift Tandare who was shot by the police in March 2007, Tichaona Chiminya and Talent Mabika who were murdered by known state security agents in April 2000.
As we commemorate the death of the freedom fighters, we should also remember the handiwork of Zanu PF, which has left thousands of children orphans as Zanu PF went on an orgy of violence killing its opponents just to keep its stranglehold on power.
Edna Musarurwa,

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