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Big Brother: joy, twists and drama

LAST Sunday’s second eviction show of Mnet’s Big Brother Revolution produced joy and drama in equal measure as the “Twin Twist” was revealed, the men met the women and Angola’s Edna and Zambia’s Maggie were evicted.

It all began when host IK opened the exciting Sunday show by reminding viewers about Big Brother’s promise to the twins — if they managed to fool their housemates, they would be allowed to compete as individuals.  Nigeria’s Sasha and Mozambique’s Dama do Bling then got the party started with a powerful duet before IK took viewers through an insert on the ladies’ first seven days in the Palace, reminding them that the game was about survival of the smartest — not the fittest.
After an update from the twins about the way they had kept their twist secret from their housemates, Sasha performed Making Money before IK took viewers inside the house to see what Big Brother had in store for the two sets of housemates.
The men were told to open the “gift” waiting for them on the table. Inside they found a screwdriver, piece of chalk and a hammer. Big Brother issued them with instructions to draw a line around the “Lovelution” poster next to the storeroom, unscrew it, stow it in the storeroom and break down the wall behind it. After the housemates had scrambled to unscrew the poster with the screwdriver, knives and anything they could lay their hands on, Jeremy smashed down the wall — and the one behind it — with the hammer, leading the screaming housemates into the Palace, face-to-face with one of the twins Erastus!
After a moment’s confusion, Big Brother told them about the Twin Twist and how twins Edward and Erastus were now eligible to play the game as individuals — as a reward for duping the housemates for weeks.
Big Brother then brought an end to their excitement by ordering them all back into the lounge — with the prospect of eviction still looming for the ladies’. As tension built, IK broke the news: Angola’s Edna was the first woman to be evicted from the Revolution.
As she left the stage, IK broke the news to the housemates that a second woman would be evicted. After a brief pause, Zambia’s Maggie was confirmed as the second evictee.
In a telephone interview with IndependentExtra Maggie, a tall model, said she was not that surprised to be evicted as all female housemates were up for eviction. “Maybe not enough fans voted for me,” she said, before quipping: “Perhaps viewers don’t like tall, thin housemates.”
She felt that it was not fair to evict some housemates at a time the boys had just met the girls, and conceded that the girls were at an advantage as they had been able to watch the male housemates on a TV monitor. “Yes, having watched the boys they know much about their characters and I suppose that will help them plot their strategy.”
Maggie will take a short break before going back to modelling.
And who does she think will win the reality contest? “Paloma (another Zambian)”, she said. “She has a strong character and I’m sure viewers will take to her,” she said.
Big Brother Revolution is broadcast live on DStv Channel 198 or199. — Multichoice/Staff Writer.

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