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Zanu PF claims Copac victory

In its report, the committee declared that the Constitution Parliamentary Committee (Copac) outreach programmes confirmed its positions.

“The conclusion of the Copac outreach programmes has sent a loud and clear message to the MDC and its merchants of confusion among our detractors who all along were doubtful of our party’s capacity to speak with and for the people of this country,” part of the report reads.

“Now, there is nobody who does not know that more than 80 percent of the views expressed and gathered during the Copac outreach programme echoed and affirmed our Zanu PF’s views and positions on the content of the proposed new Constitution for our country.

The report adds, “What that has demonstrated is that, as the centre of governance, our party has formidable intellectual capacity, for governing and running the country.”

But Copac co-chairperson Douglas Mwonzora (MDC-T) rubbished the claims, saying political parties should be wary of influencing the outcome of the referendum in which the public will have a choice to accept or reject the proposed new constitution.

“To say that 80 percent of the views are any party’s views is a lie,” Mwonzora said. “What we can confirm as Copac is that there was consensus in about 80 percent of the issues in the sense that there was no dispute.

“Claiming that this 80 percent reflects a certain party’s views is soliciting for a “No” vote in the referendum.”

Mwonzora said there were striking similarities in position papers circulated by various political parties for purposes of the outreach exercise although these differed in how they were expressed.

He added that during meetings, party supporters could easily be distinguished when it came to controversial issues like title deeds to land, dual citizenship, executive authority and transition.

“There was however consensus on issues about women and some aspects of land,” Mwonzora said. “A lot of these views were expressed in as much force in areas regarded as MDC strongholds.

“There was consensus on the need for a limited Presidential term limit and this is not a traditional Zanu PF view.”

The Zanu PF central committee said what is salutary for its party is that the next election, whenever it is held, will take place in the context of the ongoing constitution-making process, and that such process would have to be accelerated and not inhibited as appears the case.

Mwonzora said starting from 10 January, Copac will upload the data collected in outreach meetings on a special server before it is summarised according to thematic areas.

This process will take about two weeks before thematic committees’ next meeting where areas of differences arising from the data will be discussed and a way forward regarding them determined.

Mwonzora said they have enough funds for the uploading of data and were are counting on government and donors to provide more money so that a draft constitution could be ready in two and a half months.

The draft constitution will then be put before a referendum where the public will either accept or reject it.

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