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Artist plans play on Mugabe, elections

Mgcini Nyoni, a playwright and poet, hopes to use the play to build a case against having elections this year.


He also sees President Robert Mugabe retaining the presidency even if he was the unpopular choice.

“I am trying to build a case against possible elections this year through my play which I have simply titled 2011,” Nyoni said.

“There are five reasons which I have come up with which I think will determine who wins the elections.

“I have noticed that there is unbalanced media access for all political parties in the country.

“There is also the issue of Jabulani Sibanda who is being used as a terror tool.

“The other point is that Zanu PF will never cede power to anyone even if they lose the election. People in Zimbabwe are now suffering from voter fatigue and they have fear stemming from past-political events.”

With the five reasons, Nyoni wants to ignite dialogue among Zimbabweans so that they can rise up and address the issues. His play is based on a character called Dereck who has just returned from the United Kingdom.

Dereck was prompted to return home by a message he posted on a social networking site, claiming that people in Zimbabwe were cry babies doing nothing to change their situation.

The statement was not received well by his friends who reacted angrily.

He then decides to come back home to prove his point to his fellow countrymen.

When he lands in Zimbabwe, the first piece of news that filters to him is that President Mugabe has set the date for elections.
He then goes on a mission to gather facts on the ground whether Zimbabwe can have free and fair elections and if Mugabe is ready to hand over power if he loses.

“I would have loved to have a 10 member cast but because of limited resources I have resorted to a one man cast. I will also integrate multimedia elements to compensate for the missing cast,” Nyoni said.

He revealed that he has been doing a lot of research in the past months as he wants his play to be factual.

Last week a theatre crew was arrested in Manicaland for staging a play called Rituals which talks about the national healing agenda. On this he said, “If Zimbabwe is to move forward some individuals have to bite the first bullet and I am willing to do that.

“Zimbabwe is our country and we have no reason to be scared to speak out.

“I do not think there is anything worse they can do than they did during the Gukurahundi era,” Nyoni said.

The play will be ready by mid-February and will be showcased in Bulawayo and Harare.

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