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Grooming: Shop smart: Buy good quality always

Don’t be a trend-slave
Trends come and go frequently.  If you keep with every single one of them simply because it is what is in this season you will be in need of a new wardrobe every so often. Firstly, buy what suits you.  I have watched many a trend come and go without investing in it, for instance, brogues. In my opinion those shoes are hideous and unfeminine. There was a time masculine dressing was in, for example, boyfriend jeans and the boyfriend blazer, which I happened to really like. However I drew the line at brogues. They are not me. 
Secondly, rather buy trends that you know will be in for a long time like skinny jeans, for instance.  Look at your clothes as an investment.

Invest in good quality fabrics and tailoring
In Zimbabwe this may be more challenging than in other countries. If it is good quality it is bound to be ridiculously overpriced. Our retailers apply absurd mark-ups on their costs. Unless you have the finances to go and shop in countries with less ludicrous pricing methods you end up resorting to the Chinese imports. In my personal experience you need to really hunt to find the treasures because most of the tailoring is bad due to the fact that they mass produce their clothes. 
You will find that seams rip unusually quickly or lose shape after only a few washes. As for the shoes, soles come off even on your first wear. In a nutshell, affordable, good quality, stylish clothes are hard to come by in Zimbabwe but make sure you choose the best of what you can find.
A dress being on sale is not a good enough reason to buy it.  Ask yourself if it suits you: Is it your style or does it go with anything else in your wardrobe? In the case of shoes, a lower cost does not justify buying shoes you are uncomfortable in.  If you are uncomfortable in the shop you are surely not going to be comfortable at work or anywhere else you intend on wearing the shoes.

Buy it only if you love it
If whatever you are thinking of buying does not scream wear me now or use me now, in the case of a handbag, while you are still in the shop, it will definitely not appeal to you once you are at home and it is in your closet. If you are feeling lukewarm about it while you are in the shop, leave it, even if it costs just US$1.

Take the rest of your wardrobe into consideration
When looking to buy clothes ask yourself if it goes with anything else in your wardrobe or will it be sitting there waiting for you to buy something else to go with it?

Check the returns policy
If you are an impulsive buyer check the returns policy of the store in case you end up with buyer’s remorse. Most shops will not give you back cash but they will let you exchange the item for something of equivalent value.

Tailor-make your clothes
I like unique, well tailored clothes. If I see a design I like in the stores I just take note and take it back to my tailor to make with a Heather flair to it. Looking good does not need you to break the bank.

Accessories are a fun way to update your wardrobe or to give one outfit different looks. Necklaces, belts, handbags, bangles, earrings, scarves, headbands plus many more will change your outfit almost instantly. One dress, many ways to wear it.
If you apply these suggestions you should find that you will not have brand new clothes to give away because everything in your closet is there because you want it and you can wear it for longer.
Unless your weight fluctuates or you get bored easily with clothes, your clothing turnover rate should be reduced by these tips.


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