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Boy uses GPS to track down phone

She returned home without the HTC Wildfire phone and assumed it was gone for ever when nobody handed it in to staff at The Grand nightclub in Felixstowe, Suffolk.


Mother-of-three Richardson told her son Kristen (12) what had happened.

Kristen was able to come to the rescue because he had earlier downloaded a Lookout Mobile Security app on her android phone, enabling him to find where it was.

Kristen used his mother’s laptop to log on to her free Lookout account that he had set up and was able to display a map showing the location of the phone.

He used the phone’s built-in sat-nav technology to locate it within four metres of a detached house in a village about 10 miles away near Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Kristen then looked up the address on Google Street View and was able to find a picture of the house.

Richardson then called the police to pass on the information.

Officers later visited the house and found a 21-year-old man who admitted having taken the phone when he was in the nightclub. He handed the phone to the officers who then returned it to a delighted Richardson.

She did not want to press charges against the thief after hearing that he had never been in trouble with the police before. Instead she agreed to settle the matter by accepting a letter of apology from him.

Richardson said: “I had only bought my new phone two weeks earlier and my son said he was a bit worried about me losing it.

“He told me that he was downloading some sort of technology so he could keep track of it — but I didn’t really take any notice of what he was saying,” she said. —Daily Mail.

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