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Sikhala arrested for alleged kidnapping


Lawyer Obey Shava said Sikhala was arrested at his house in Chitungwiza at around 5pm.

Harare spokesperson James Sabau said he did not have any information on the case as it was being handled by the Border Control Minerals Unit.
“When we arrived at St Mary’s Police Station, we were told that they did not have laptops and printers so we had to go to the minerals’ unit to record the statement,” Shava said.

“But he is being charged with kidnapping two adult men, one of them his brother-in-law and another long-time friend he stays with at his house.
“But we believe that this is purely political persecution because the police do not have statements from complainants and when we arrived at the station, they first mentioned the million men march then mentioned minerals before finally settling for kidnapping.”

Shava said Sikhala was being detained at St Mary’s Police Station and the police kept telling them that they were waiting for one Superintendent Churu to come with the witnesses’ statements.

“The investigating officer does not appear satisfied with the charges,” Shava said.

“He was just told to arrest Sikhala on allegations that Sikhala kidnapped the two in Mutare on February 19 and a report was made at St Mary’s police four days later.

“The alleged victims are currently in Mutare, having left home peacefully last Sunday (20 February).

“What it means is that they made the report to St Mary’s police while in Mutare and it is not clear if they did this by phone or other means.”
Some activists say they are planning a “Million Men March” on Tuesday to protest against President Robert Mugabe’s long rule.

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