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Style suggestions for the winter season

When I am awake please bring on the sunshine. Winter requires the wearing of several layers which makes the dressing up phase take longer than is necessary.  Being cold is just as uncomfortable as being wet.
Having said all that, not everything about winter is worthy of being loathed, the nights around the fireplace, sipping on cocoa, my mother’s broth and of course countless fashionable reasons.  Winter fashion, when done right, is very chic and sophisticated.

The Trench coat
The trench coat is the epitome winter style. Trench coats  are great when worn over your clothes or as dresses. In winter people tend to stick to dull colours like grey, black, white, purple and earth tones but now they make coats in bright colours so your wardrobe can be interesting colour wise. There is a coat for every body shape as well.

Tall ladies
The long, button down coats are most flattering to tall ladies and emphasises your frame.

Short ladies
The cropped jacket or coat is the best style for you especially when worn with skinny jeans and heels that elongate your legs.


Buy scarves, learn to wear them differently

Fuller ladies
Darker colours work best as they have a slimming effect. Avoid belted coats especially if you do not have a waist as this can be unflattering to your figure.

Slim Waists
These ladies can take full advantage of the belted coats and the waist-cinching styles that are out there.

Once again very chic, they come in different lengths and depending on how you wear them they can easily transform your outfit from drab to fab. You have leather ones, or fabric ones or both. They are also an exciting way in which to add a splash of colour to your winter wardrobe.
Boots, boots, boots
Ankle boots, knee-high, flat, suede, patent leather, brown, black, purple, red, the list could go on. There are boots for absolutely every occasion and outfit you can think of. I personally am fond of the ankle boot because I have a very slim calf so the mid-calf or knee high boots look ridiculous on me unless I wear them over my skinny jeans. The suede boots come in a variety of colours, another way to introduce some excitement to your winter wear.

I believe these are a necessity in your winter wardrobe. Learn how to wear them differently, get your inspiration from the French who have numerous ways of wearing scarves.

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