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Peace is best gift for the Diasporans

The best gift we can give back to our sons and daughters abroad, is to show that we care for them by living at peace with each other here at home. We can do this by putting our act together.  We know they love this country.

This is why, now when you travel, there is always a sizeable number of them coming back to visit with relatives. They do not only bring goodies but also love, which they show by visiting as many of their kith and kin in every part of the country.

The greatest thing they have done is to invite parents and relatives to visit them in the Diaspora. Many mothers and fathers have gone to lands they had never thought of going to. Some of us parents will never forget these experiences.  We will go into our graves with stories of our cherished visits abroad.

While all these things are happening outside, it seems here at home daggers are drawn for dominance. Indeed people have to compete for posts etc. But should it be so callous?  Those abroad are vilified. Despite the good work they are doing fingers are pointed at them by their hosts for the misdemeanours we engage ourselves in. For them it will be like fire-fighting to try to defend what is indefensible. Using force to gain power is not what one can defend and win.

Let us work hard to make Zimbabweans abroad continue to work in peace. If we have smart elections this year or the next, Zimbabweans will walk tall wherever they will be. What a gift to give to these our representatives, many of whom love this country so much.
Rev Dr Levee Kadenge

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