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Charamba refines New Testament

The album had departed from his usual fast beat to a mixture of other genres and fans did not embrace the release as they have done with other albums.
Charamba has been known to come up with songs that are more inclined to the Sungura beat, which have proved to be popular with fans. However, he always spices such songs with worship tempos but New Testament in Song had taken a different shape.


In an interview with Stand-ardLife&Style Charamba alluded to the fact that this album might have had mild tempo songs that fans had not been used to but the decision to work on this album again was to improve the quality while nothing was going to change instrumentally.

“We didn’t find enough studio time and some material was lost during production,” explained Charamba.

“The sole idea now is to improve the quality and tempo of the songs but the instrumentation and lyrics will remain the same,” said Charamba.
Charamba added that the album was already there and there was no reason to have it released again hence some songs on the albums were only going to have a new feel.

New Testament in Song is a 10- track album that comprises songs such as Chisiya, a laid back and soul-searching song that speaks about the merits of marriage.

The song implies that marriage, if both partners stick to their vows, can be an effective tool against immorality.

Musatyaire Makadhakwa is also another typical slow mild tempo song that warns about the dangers related to drunken driving and how it has caused the loss of many lives.

Ndoga Handimire, Kucheuka Cheuka, Mombe Ndedzemukaka are also some of the songs on this album.

The album was recorded at Fishers of Men Studios, mastered at Cross Line Music and was marketed and distributed by Gramma Records.

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