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Diners spoilt for choice at Adrienne’s

Tucked away in a corner at second street extension, Adrienne’s is at the end of a row of fast food outlets next to the busy road. We expected it to be noisy due to the high volume of passing vehicles but were pleasantly surprised at how sound proof it is. The menu is extensive featuring many meat dishes as well as vegetarian fare — one is spoilt for choice! As we perused the menu, our waiter was on hand to explain the more exotically named dishes such as Frito Risso — a platter of calamari rings and prawns combined. I have always loved seafood but have never really seen it as a Zimbabwean speciality, as we are landlocked. I have always looked forward to trips to South Africa as I make it a point to visit Ocean Basket frequently to get my seafood fix.

So I am very glad I have finally found a place in Harare where I can indulge and assuage my need more frequently — Adrienne’s! We went there prepared for a long and leisurely dinner.  My partner ordered creamy chicken liver pancake and was not disappointed. It was served with a garnish of beetroot, cucumber and tomato. The chicken livers and creamy sauce were delicious and wrapped up in a thin, light pancake.

My grilled halloumi starter did not disappoint either. My partner decided on spicy garlic pork, which is pork strips stir-fried with green beans, carrots, broccoli and red chilli peppers. I found the pork to be quite tough and chewy but the flavour was exquisite. The combination of garlic and spicy chilli tantalised my taste buds. She ordered rice as her starch and it was perfectly cooked. She loved this dish, especially the added red hot peppers!

I went for the prawn special which is 6 prawns served with vegetables, garlic sauce and a starch — a choice of baked potato, chips or rice. One can eat up to 3 helpings in situ! No take away is allowed so if you are tempted, ensure you have a lot of time as there is a lot of eating to do! The prawns are big, perfectly cooked and well-presented. I have to admit that my bravado slipped and my stomach failed me after 8 prawns but my partner was happy to finish off the second platter. We sat quietly for a few minutes and when the waiter came to offer my third helping. . .I conceded defeat!

We waited a while longer and were able to fit in a pineapple mousse and a fruit salad with ice-cream for dessert. She was quite concerned about this dish because she usually finds pineapples too sweet for her teeth.  However, she figured a sweet dish would balance out her spicy meal. The pineapple flavour was just right and it was not too sweet. It was quite easy for her to finish her serving, which she enjoyed immensely. Fortunately we managed to make it home — sated, and ready to go and attempt another challenge on the three servings of prawns very soon!

Family Restaurant
4 Plates
Expect to Spend US$25 to US$30 per head
Sam Nujoma Street Extension Shops by Reps Theatre.

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