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EMA’s US$2 000 fine hits truckers

EMA’s campaign has unsettled indigenous transporters who say they cannot afford the US$650 paid annually for the permit to transport substances such as fuel.

“At some point, we paid US$60 for every entry from such countries as Mozambique,” said a disgruntled truck owner.

“We thought that the money was part of the US$650 but EMA recently started demanding US$2 000 fines at roadblock along highways.”

The truck owners, although their business used to be profitable before the dollarisation of the economy, said it was becoming increasingly difficult to generate any meaningful income.

But EMA publicity manager Steady Kangata said the fee required from all transporters of hazardous and toxic substances like petrol, diesel, acids and pesticides was minimal.

“Nobody should be complaining about the level of the fee because it is in tandem with what is being charged in the whole region,” he said.

“The fee, together with the fine, is spelt out under Statutory Instrument V of 2011 which requires that these substances be transported under a licence.”

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