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Harvest Garden needs to up the ante

We crept towards our destination and we made our way hastily to the open plan Harvest Garden restaurant located at the back of the hotel near the pool and spa. There was no one to greet us so we chose a table on one of the elevated sections overlooking the buffet area.

We quickly ordered drinks which were thankfully served speedily. The restaurant looked a tad shabby, which was a bit of a surprise because the Towers received a facelift, not long ago. However, even at 2pm the restaurant seemed well-patronised.

The starters were a mix of salad leaves and cold meats and each station was still well-stocked. The roast beef looked very good so we piled our plates with fresh, pink slices. There were plenty of vegetables to choose from, a potato bake with a cheesy topping, and sadza.

There was a rather bony beef stew, but the waiter kindly delved into it with his serving spoon, to see if there were any lean pieces for us. I managed to find a nice portion of breast in the chicken stew.


As our lunch was by now very late, and our stomachs were grumbling in anticipation, we looked longingly at the generous slices of beef on our plates. What a disappointment then, as it wasn’t quite the cut of meat we were used to, but a tough and chewy imitation. The chicken casserole was enjoyable and the beef stew tasted good with the rape. I realised I had enquired about the wine menu some time ago but couldn’t see the waitress.

The dessert section looked appealing with its brightly coloured cakes, fruit salad and apple strudel slices. Upon leaving the restaurant we spotted the “wine” waitress. She tried to avoid us! Maybe that was just as well, if the price of drinks in general was anything to go by! The Rainbow Towers is a five star hotel yet the management couldn’t go wrong by encouraging the Harvest Garden to up the ante a bit, so that it’s in the same calibre as the rest of the hotel?

Deluxe Family Restaurant
2 Plates
Expect to spend between US$22 and US$30 per head
Rainbow Towers Hotel, Harare.

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