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Zimura hails Cell Funeral Fund for musicians

Over the years, a lot of great men and women, who sacrificed to keep the nation entertained, who sang and danced all night to put food on the table for their families, were sadly exposed when death knocked on their doors as their widows and relatives struggled to arrange decent funerals.

“We used to give support in the form of cash to the family of a deceased musician but we noticed there was great abuse of funds and the widows would constantly complain that the money had not been rightly used, thus we agreed with some service providers to begin the Zimura Cell Funeral Fund,” said Zimura Director, Polisile Ncube.

Ncube said they were happy that they could now give deceased musicians due respect through decent burials and assisting their families during funerals.
She said there was no doubt that the funeral fund would be a great success as it had proved to work for the late musicians Clement Chinyama and Adam Chisvo, whose funerals were recently aided by the fund.

“The fund offers the basic funeral home services like coffin, transport, dressing of the corpse, grave bookings, burial orders and undertaking,” said Ncube.

She said the importance of the fund was seen at the time of Chisvo’s death when his body could not fit in a normal-sized coffin and they had to buy him a bigger one whereas without the fund, his relatives could have suffered trying to find a solution.

Ncube said she was certain that the fund would last for as long as Zimura existed and so far they had covered instalments for about 2 000 of their members.

“Musicians simply need to meet the basic membership rules of having recorded at least one album or two songs which are receiving airplay and other requirements include small things like an ID and email address,” she said.

Zimura is a collecting society under the Copyright Act of Zimbabwe with an aim of protecting copyrights’ of music composers, licensed broadcasters, night clubs and many others involved in the music business.

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