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Women raped in mysterious circumstances

For almost a year now, the country has been seized, in horror, with stories of women raping men, but now it seems the male counterparts are hitting back, but strangely, the modus operandi is the same.

In one case, a woman is reported to have flagged a lift at Westgate in Harare and the next thing she remembers is that she woke up at Snake Park, raped, drugged and naked.

“What she remembers is that she got into a lift which had two women and one men and after they passed Westgate Shopping Centre, another man got in and immediately grabbed her and put a cloth on her nostrils,” a health professional, who cannot be named, said.

The victim only regained consciousness at around 11pm, 12 hours after getting into the lift. she crawled to a nearby farm and sought assistance and was later taken to Parirenyatwa Hospital. Traumatised, she cannot eat nor sleep, the woman is now receiving treatment for sexually transmitted infections.

This comes amid revelations that the Parirenyatwa Counselling Unit has in the past few weeks been inundated with such cases, with several women reportedly being kidnapped and raped.

The youngest victim, so far is a 14-year-old girl who took a ride in a kombi in Chitungwiza and was later drugged, raped and dumped in an alley next to the police Charge Office. The lass was unconscious for two days.

But in the most bizarre case, one girl was reportedly raped and when taken to the counselling centre, she reportedly started vomiting saliva that looked like spittle from a snake.

These stories mimic the story of women rapists, who reportedly raped men, while threatening them with snakes and guns. In some cases the men were drugged.

Efforts to get a confirmation from the police were fruitless, as the spokesman, Andrew Phiri said they were busy at a function and were not commenting on stories this weekend.

Parirenyatwa boss, Thomas Zigora’s phone went unanswered.

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