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Are leaders no longer listened to? Or is it a matter of failing to walk the talk by  political leaders, who preach peace during the day and urge their supporters to do as they wish as long as they pledge their allegiance to Zanu PF? They will be protected from the long arm of the law.

The world over, and Zimbabwe in particular, violence has organisers, directors and implementers. There are those who sit down in their homes, offices or even hotels to plan acts of violence against their purported enemies, then they look for those who are prepared to do the execution without asking questions. The prime targets for the implementation of violence are the able-bodied youths, especially those who are unemployed. Even those employed can be roped in, but the unemployed are easy to manipulate.

It is very unfortunate that our situation here in Zimbabwe is increasingly getting out of hand in terms of violence incidents. For the past decade, our nation has been subjected to unnecessary polarisation because someone was and is still afraid of losing political power.


We have helplessly watched as the former ruling party militarised and politicised our national institutions. This has by and large resulted in the creation of a military state.

Those police officers, who are prepared to act as political commissariats for Zanu PF, should be reminded that no amount of repression will stop a revolution whose hour has come. Take heed.

No one benefits from violence, not even political parties. No one will vote for Zanu PF or MDC simply because he or she would have been beaten into submission. God help our troubled but peace-loving country, Zimbabwe.

—Maunganidze Mamuse, Harare.


Mangwana misleads Mugabe on process

President Robert Mugabe has been making wild election pronouncements devoid of any material substance. In mid-2010 he proclaimed that elections would be held in June 2011. At the Zanu PF conference in Mutare President Mugabe resolved that elections could be held in 2011 without failure.

Now he is talking of elections in March 2012 without failure. But it is very clear that by March 2012 Copac will still be drafting the constitutional framework and may complete drafting the constitution by May/June 2012 and the referendum held in September 2012 then elections in March 2013.

But Paul Mangwana always misleads the president, politburo and the public that the process will be completed in two weeks each time he opens his mouth and the president makes decisions based on Mangwana’s flawed, faulted and misleading information.

It seems Mangwana only tells the president what he thinks the president wants to hear, not the facts on the ground as Chinamasa tried to do.
In fact, Zanu PF should remove Mangwana from Copac for gross misrepresentation of facts and gross incompetency and replace him with a more competent lawyer.

If Zanu PF continues to deal with  Mangwana they should not be surprised if they find themselves in the unenviable position of campaigning against the constitution.

Mangwana has been the major cause of the delay in completing the Copac process as he continually shifts goal posts. First the parties had agreed to use the qualitative method in data compilation prior to the outreach programme but later changed to the quantitative method after realising that most people had toed Zanu PF’s line during the outreach stage.


The MDCs had to compromise and agreed to use both methods, only for Mangwana to back-track again in the middle of the process.

Mangwana would like to see the Copac process drag on forever while he fools the octogenarian Zanu PF leader by blaming the MDC’s for delaying tactics.

— Emmaculate Makamanzi, Nyanyadzi.

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