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War of words as urban groovers squabble

The verbal attack came hard on the heels of a stage altercation between the two when they performed at a pageant in Chitungwiza recently. At the show, Mutandwa performed before Stunner and the part of the audience accused him of copying Stunner.

When the latter got to the stage he capitalised on the sentiments of part of the audience and chanted his popular tisu mashark proclamation saying Mutandwa was not original. In an interview with Standard Life&Style Mutandwa said he can never be compared to Stunner.

“Between me and Stunner are three university degrees, better rhymes and maturity so I will not be drawn to a war with him. War is his game and he thrives on ridiculing other artists,” said Mutandwa.

“I am a mature person now and I do not thrive on singing bad things about other people like he does. People think I am copying him but what they do not know is that I came onto the scene way before him.”

On the other hand Stunner dismissed the allegations that he has beef with Mudiwa.
“He was booed by people because they said he was copying me. You know what happens when you challenge a person who has 30 000 fans, it means you have challenged his fans as well,” said Stunner.

“People like him are killing their own careers. It is like shooting yourself in the foot. I have no beef with anyone and he should know that people will always boo him if he does not stick to his gospel.”

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