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Like farm seizures, indigenisation will destroy economy

The intention was to give land to majority blacks and the excuse was that Britain, the country’s colonial master had reportedly refused to compensate the Zimbabwean government for huge tracts of land lost to minority whites during the colonial era.

All hell broke lose when the so-called war veterans seized the productive farms, stalling production. There is really no problem when our fellow black brothers get land, but the problems come when farms are not utilised to benefit the nation.

Right now, it is no secret that the land reform programme is a flop, with millions of hectares of seized land lying idle throughout the country. It boggles the mind that Zanu PF still insists on displacing more white commercial farmers when failure is evident in its disorganised policy of farm seizures.

Since the takeover of commercial farms the country has been relegated to perpetual begging, yet the country used to be the bread basket of southern Africa.

Then came the partisan manner in which Zanu PF is implementing the indigenisation policy, which is politicised in favour of its supporters;  one needs to belong to the party in order to benefit from the indigenisation policy.

But there are also shocking levels of looting in the name of black economic empowerment. Some party stooges are out in full force using the black economic empowerment policy to plunder the national economy.

They do not care what will happen tomorrow as long as they can fatten their pockets and through their militant siege of firms and farms, they are leaving trails of economic destruction in the country.

What Zanu PF is doing through the black economic empowerment policy has got nothing to do with benefitting the country, but it may be the party’s desperate attempt to prepare its own retirement packages as it faces a certain demise the moment free and fair elections are held.

After all, what evidence is there to suggest that Zanu PF has been successful in its so-called black economic empowerment manouvres? Truly, everything upon which Zanu PF has laid its demonic touch is collapsing, fainting or yelling for resuscitation. Where is the gigantic Jaggers Wholesale today — gone  because of the Zanu PF regime?

Of course, the former ruling party would always hide behind sanctions; they will tell you it was due to sanctions that Jaggers shut down.
And again where is the Cold Storage Commission? Sanctions, isn’t it?

What is happening at the Grain Marketing Board, all because of Zanu PF.  Some party loyalists have been planted in all government sectors, former army generals, lieutenants and brigadiers are all over the show, from the  National Railways of Zimbabwe to government clinics and hospitals, and have caused untold destruction of state parastatals, with no productive activity to talk of.

And now the hand of destruction is about to be stretched upon foreign-owned banks and mines, all in the name of black economic empowerment.
To me, continued calls to implement the black economic empowerment policy is hogwash, emanating from the wicked lips of desperate and greed political goons in Zanu PF, bent at unleashing some kind of a scotched-earth policy as they behold their final departure approaching.
Indigenisation is only helping to scare away much needed foreign investors and it is a flop.


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