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Zanu PF wants Andy Brown declared hero

Sandra Tatenda Mashiringo, Brown’s sister, confirmed that the family had been approached with the offer but said they were unlikely to take it.


“Andy had said he wanted to be buried in Mberengwa next to his mother and as of now I can say that is what we are going to do,” said Mashiringo.

“We are grateful for the offer but we have to fulfill his wish. We are still to have a final position after all the family members have gathered.”

It could not be established by the time of going to print yesterday if the family had finally accepted the offer.


If Brown is conferred a hero status, he would become the second musician after Simon Chimbetu to be honoured by Zanu PF. Chimbetu is buried at Chinhoyi Heroes’ Acre.The offer for provincial hero status is in recognition of Brown’s involvement in the land reform campaigns, “Hondo Yeminda”, he spearheaded on the musical front.


But this involvement in politics dealt him a huge blow as he lost his legion of fans resulting in his career taking a nose-dive.

Even his latest album, Chiwoko: The Silent Hand, which music critics rated as a masterpiece was not well-received by listeners due to his alignment to Zanu PF.

Brown succumbed to pneumonia a day after his 50th birthday.

His wife Madini said Brown had been unwell for some time and his condition worsened when he travelled to Sweden last month, due to the extremely low temperatures.

At the time of his death, Brown was reportedly broke and yesterday family members and friends were making contributions for food at the funeral.

Tsungi Zvobgo, who was tasked with fundraising, said she had by yesterday evening received only US$500 from the Minister of Media, Information and Publicity Webster Shamu.
Shamu is the patron of musicians in the country.

“I am one of the people making the fundraising especially for food since mourners are likely to be gathered for a number of days,” said Zvobgo. “We also need a tent to accommodate those who would be outside and transport to Mberengwa for his burial.”

Mashiringo, who had just flown in from Kenya, said one of her brothers in Germany had sent some money to assist with the funeral.

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