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Flat Dog Diner impressive

The menus were already on the table so we sat down and immediately started perusing the choice of starters, main courses, salads and desserts. I was quite tempted by the different prawn dishes on offer. Our waiter came and offered us drinks. I ordered white wine and my friends opted for Amstel lager and orange juice and soda. I asked the waiter if everything on the menu was available and I was vexed to learn that they had no fish or seafood. This cut down our options drastically but we still managed to dither over our decisions.



Eventually we settled on starters; croc sub, cheese and bacon balls and gypsy spits. The waiter took this order and left us to ponder on our main courses. We happily drank and chatted and finally decided what we would eat. I noticed that it was taking a while for our food to come. However, when it arrived, I was not disappointed.
The gypsy spits, served with garlic and toast were very tasty. The cheese and bacon balls were exquisite with cheese wrapped in bacon and dipped in batter then deep-fried and the croc sub was a meal on its own; Portuguese bread with mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, green pepper and bacon with melted cheese.

It was easily shared between the three of us and was delicious. We had sent in our main course order with the arrival of our starters. As soon as he had cleared our table, our waiter asked if he could bring out our main dishes. We were eager to continue with our meal and gave our permission with gusto. We had ordered fillet steak with mushroom sauce, Flatdog specialty peri-peri chicken and pork chops.

The fillet steak arrived first. It was served with chips and emitted a tantalising aroma. This meal also came with a bowl of fresh salad made with lettuce, cucumber, onions and tomatoes. My friend really enjoyed the meal describing the steak as perfectly cooked with the meat soft and tender. The pork chops were served with mashed potatoes and butternut. This was a well cooked and tasty dish. The chicken portion was huge; half a chicken served with chips and side helpings of peri-peri sauce and garlic; another well made and delicious dish . We were impressed by the quality of food. The chef did a great job of making good food that was affordable.

Flat Dogs is a convenient venue for Msasa business people and we really enjoyed the food. We decided that we would return for a lunchtime, outdoor dining experience to enjoy the gardens fully.

Pub Restaurant
3 Plates
Expect to Spend US$15 – US$20
Harrow Road, Msasa.

Power cut spoiled the outing

A power cut meant that we couldn’t have desserts and with work the next morning we chose to cut our night short. It had been a slow night for the establishment and we are curious to experience this venue on a busier occasion. It is an ideal venue for after work drinks and relaxation. What we saw of the garden was beautiful and very inviting, the interior is in need of some TLC and the “ladies” would benefit from some nice hand soap and hand towels.

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