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Less than 48 hours to go! Hifa’s almost here

We also challenge ourselves by taking in some of the more serious shows on offer, those that give us pause for thought and may not feel so comfortable.  Art would not be serving its full purpose if it did not occasionally disturb or unnerve us or make us consider something we’d rather not think about.


For art both entertains us and speaks for us, expresses for us, that for which our own words fail us, makes us alternately laugh, and cry, sometimes forces us to address the unthinkable, and often, brings about, a change of heart, an altered opinion, or provides a point of view we’ve not before examined.

Art is powerful and beautiful, memorable and magical, opening up new vistas of imagination and wonder.

As human beings, we cannot and never have, lived in its absence.  From the very first paintings in the caves where our earliest human ancestors sheltered, to the high tech gismos and gadgets seen in use by some artists today, as they harness the latest technology, the better to get their message across or entertain us, we have since time immemorial had a deeply felt need to express ourselves, to tell our human story, to connect with our fellows, using art, in so many different forms, as the tool and the communication channel.

We are at the heart of all story tellers, all artists, we just have to find the artistic outlet that feels best for us, as individuals.

Hifa is an extravaganza of art in a vast array of forms and combinations and permutations, speaking to the artist, and tugging on the full range of human emotions, in all of us.  It’s a non-stop artistic feast.

For six days, we can lap up as much art, whether visual, or dance or theatrical or musical or any combination of these or possibly some form of artistic expression we never even dreamed existed, let alone had heard of!

We can soak it all up, getting high on the atmosphere, the vibe, the contagious happiness, enjoyment and exhilaration all around the Hifa site and venues in Harare Gardens, or down at the ZB Bank Reps theatres or the 7Arts.


It takes a lot of stamina to make the absolute most of Hifa, but it’s fully worth the effort!

So now is the time to let hearts sing and spirits soar.

Come Tuesday morning, Hifa’s happening, and what an amazing smorgasbord of offerings there is this year!

Our city will light up, vibrant with creativity and artistry, entertainment and magic, joy and delight.

In the spirit of true artistic endeavour, which brings people from every walk of life together to celebrate art, life and their shared human experiences, Hifa’s multitude of Zimbabwean and visiting artists will bring us their very best shows, to speak to us, move us, entertain us, make us laugh, cry, think, question, sing, dance, and lift our spirits as high as they can fly.

Hifa’s theme for 2012, A Show of Spirit, captures the vibrant, energetic nature of this festival, created by Zimbabweans, for Zimbabweans, which also invites visiting artists to perform, giving the festival its international flavour.

It also speaks to the passion, determination and aspirations of Hifa’s diverse audiences who come together in unity to celebrate art and life.

This year there are even more exciting collaborations between Zimbabwean and visiting artists, fulfilling the mandate to facilitate the sharing of artistic skills, inspiration and ideas, between artists from all over the world.  Collaborations born at Hifa often lead to exciting

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