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‘On the Rise’ – Witness the indomitable spirit of National Ballet

With a dazzling display of our classical dancers’ skill and passion for their genre, there is something to please all lovers of ballet and dance in their varied and interesting programme this year.

National Ballet’s Hifa offerings invariably attract large audiences and given their current plight and on-going efforts to raise funds and rebuild, their Hifa show presents a great opportunity for a show of support from the public.

Formed approximately 50 years ago by teachers and lovers of ballet, the National Ballet is still run a committee of volunteers.

Their production for Hifa this year is even more poignant as the company raises money to re-build their studios.  Continuing to assail all obstacles, National Ballet’s “On the Rise” is a must-see at Hifa 2012.


A Bhangra Banquet — Hifa’s Punjabi feast of dance

THE most popular form of Indian dance in the world today, Bhangra was born in the United Kingdom during the 1980s when immigrants took elements of Punjabi cultural dance and song and fused them with western music and dance routines, creating a vibrant cross cultural dance culture.

Since then, Bhangra has grown and grown in popularity, increasingly so with the growth of the Bollywood film industry, which has brought this genre to the international scene with all the vigour and extravagance of a true Punjabi Festival.

Presented by the Embassy of India and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, New Delhi, Festival goers at Hifa can now experience Bhangra first hand.  It is impossible to remain seated when you hear this music, the joy is infectious!

Stand up and dance, wave your hands in the air and get swept up in the energy of The Bhangra Banquet, performed by an authentic Punjabi group.  The spirit and irresistible beat will undoubtedly bring the audience to their feet at ZB Bank Reps Theatre with this stunning music and dance extravaganza — an unmissable Punjabi Feast.

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