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The ZOL Theatre Programme at Hifa 2012

This additional document, so that theatre lovers can plan their Hifa experience as carefully as possible and make sure they get to as many plays as they possibly can!  
ZOL has helped Hifa in innumerable ways over many years, showing its very strong commitment to the arts.

With no less than 16 plays lined up for Hifa 2012, there is something for absolutely everyone, whether laugh-out-loud hilarious or deeply thought-provoking and serious.


Portuguese group Pé na Terra to delight Hifa audiences

PRESENTED by the Embassy of Portugal and Instituto Camões, the superbly talented Portuguese band, Pé na Terra has its roots in traditional Portuguese music but its feet firmly planted in the music of the present.

Comprising the six musical elements of bagpipes, traditional percussion, accordion, guitar, bass and voice, Pé na Terra performs at Hifa on the delightfully intimate and always very popular, Lay’s Global Stage.

The combination of these elements creates an innovative and unusual celebration of sound that cannot be matched!

Through the interpretation of traditional Portuguese themes the band has created an original sound where poetry and dance come together to generate a unique energy.

The interlaced ideas and sounds which emerge from Pé na Terra demonstrate well, how traditional instruments can be used to produce new, modern sounds while keeping with the old tune, and the resultant music is very pleasing to the ears of any audience.

All members of Pé na Terra are accomplished musicians in their own right.  Adérito Pinto and Hélio Ribeiro joined in 2007 from rock and heavy metal backgrounds, bringing electric bass guitar and electro-acoustic guitar to the group’s new sound.

Highly educated, Tiago Soares has studied percussion, street theatre and circensian art in depth, while Cristina Castro, with a post-grad degree in Music Therapy, is a self-taught accordion and percussion player who participates in festivals nationally and internationally.  Ricardo Coelho began piano at 11 and by 19 was teaching himself traditional Portuguese bagpipes.

Besides being a musician, award-winning Ribeiro organises musical events like Rock a Metro and Semana da juventude de Paços de Ferreira.

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