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Uhuru celebrations, a stage-managed fallacy

Whether their attendance was sincere or not remains an unanswered question, especially following spirited rumours swirling around President Robert Mugabe’s state of health and reasons for his lengthy visit to Singapore  recently.

The white garmented “mapostori” (Apostolics) had one whole bay of the stadium reserved for them and because women outnumber men in attendance, it was a scenic view when ZBC cameras shot in their direction. This showed the world how patriotic the women of this land are and how their attendance signified the way they treasure this day.
The question is: Was there an incentive for the church to show its allegiance to the leadership and national events by encouraging and ensuring attendance by the majority of its members?

What is the role of the church in politics?

Church leaders are reportedly clamouring for electoral, security and media reforms in the region and it is alleged that they are an arm of the MDC-T, — whether that is true or not, still remains to be seen.

Recently, Walter Mzembi, Webster Shamu and Nyasha Chikwinya graced Makandiwa’s “Judgement night” at the National Sports Stadium where reports indicated that the venue over-flowed with people, some of whom had travelled from as far as Bulawayo.

Is it also plausible to conclude  that Zanu PF is targeting the church in its campaign strategy?

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