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Children of pensioners rip off State

However, I would like to bring to his attention that millions of dollars of State funds are being lost through payment of pensions to people who have since died. Children and grandchildren of late pensioneers are accessing their dead parents’ pensions through the use of ATM cards at banks.

I evidenced this while queuing for my salary at a local bank. I entered into a conversation with a certain lady in her ’30s. She told me that she wanted to access her father’s pension but both her mother and father had passed away in November 2009. I even pointed out  to her that what she was doing was illegal but she said if the facility was open to abuse then so be it. There are even men and women out there getting pensions of their dead parents and grandparents.

Pensioners should be made to re-register yearly so that those dead will have their pensions stopped. The minister should be serious about this. Older children of dead former war veterans are still acessing their parents’ pensions. The leakage through pensions is so massive that something has to be done.

AG, Bindura.

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