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Drumbeat:Roki, Maneta lost the plot in BBA

The duo’s relationship in the house was far from the word of love that we preach day in day out as a people.

From the first day that they met after Maneta’s upgrade from Downville to Upville, the pair played cat and mouse games. The relationship spat ire and vile, sparking speculation that the two housemates had a history before they met in the game.

Unlike other partners that stood by each other creating joint forces, the Zimbabwean housemates engaged in frivolous wars.

While Roki in most cases played the wiser one of the two, Maneta brought utter ridicule on herself.

It looked symptomatic when her first ally in Upville, Mampi from Zambia, was evicted followed by another new friend, Zainab a few weeks later, that all was not well with Maneta.
Maneta would blether at any chance she got and would always be on the odd side of normalcy.

As a result, she derided herself with her obsession for gossiping about Roki revealing his “dirty linen”.

What happened on Wednesday however does little in rescuing Roki despite him being the darling of many BBA viewers.

In the initial stages of the game, housemates such as South African Barbs conceded that Roki was irresistible no matter how bad one may conceive him to be.

Roki however had his demons and often overdid it.

But who cares?

Such is Roki even back home.

So charismatic! Yet equally detestable and that did not change simply because he was in a reality show.

By being himself, at least he satisfied the meaning of the term reality show.

His actions last week however put paid to the adage that one can take the donkey to the river but drinking solely depends on its wits.

We went from the best chance ever since the country’s first participation in the show to a down and out position that leaves many writhing at swallowing the unfathomable.

Being the calculating person that many would agree Roki is, how could he fail to read the signs?

Maneta was the most likely housemate to be evicted tonight and Roki should have just let go.

The duo’s stay in the house was also an apt symbol of the state of the way we live as a people.

Zimbabweans today fight at every opportunity and Roki and Maneta’s fate is a reflection of what happens to many people every day.

Whatever the oddity of the idea behind the game show, there is a lot that various communities should learn from the dull episode that Roki and Maneta starred in.
Thank God,the curtain has come down in what can be termed the Zimbabwean chapter and what a disgrace Roki and Maneta were!

Their participation would sure leave William Shakespeare green with envy as he would have found characters more disgracing than Malvolio and Feste combined for his play The Twelfth Night.

Having one outright fool and another intelligent does not make much of a difference, does it?

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