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Managing artists is my passion — Zvobgo

While other members of the audience were disappointed by the sudden end of such an exciting show, Tsungi was all smiles and boldly declared: “Thank God it is over! Another mission accomplished.”

Tsungi enjoys the end of most shows because of the pressure she endures when she organises such events. So, on that particular Saturday night, as Maraire’s manageress responsible for most behind-the-scenes work, Zvobgo had every reason to celebrate. It was another job well-done.

The energetic lady has endured the pain and disappointment that comes with event management while she has also painted a colourful history of successfully managing several notable artists in the country.

She has worked with Victor Kunonga, Willom Tight, Hope Masike, Alexio Kawara, Tehn Diamond, Baba Shupi, Sebede and the late Taku Mafika.

While her upbringing in a hugely political environment as daughter to late politicians, Eddison and Julia Zvobgo, could have prepared her for a career far from arts, she chose to follow her parents’ artistic traits.

She recalls how, as a young girl, she admired her mother’s fashion designs and reckons she was involved in art before she knew it.

“I followed my father’s poetry and would sit by my mother’s side as she did her fashion designs but, at that time, I never thought I would be an artist,” said Tsungi.

“I studied for a degree in visual communications and graphic illustrations and worked for Multichoice Africa as head of corporate communications. I was based in South Africa and my passion was in the communication field. It was not until a few years ago that I got directly involved with artists.”

After quitting her job in South Africa she came home to start a communications company called New Sofala. Through her interaction with various public figures, she met Sebede, Mafika and Tight who, after realising her capacity, requested for her role in the management of their shows.

She did a number of shows with the trio before getting involved with many other artists and finally deciding to broaden her company to involve artist management. She does general event management and consultation as well as fashion designing.

Tsungi Zvobgo justified her selection of artists to work with saying, “I work with artists that I feel are truly representative of Zimbabwean music and culture. I am fortunate to have mixed with people of various cultures when I stayed in the United States, United Kingdom, Mozambique and South Africa. I only settled here permanently in 2010 and that background has helped me realise the importance of keeping our culture. As we fuse our background with various global trends, it is important to maintain an identity that makes us proudly Zimbabwean.”

Tsungi says most people ask her if she has any political aspirations but she believes there is a different war to fight.

“My parents got involved in politics because they wanted to fight for the freedom of the country but I feel in this era there is another war that has to be fought. I have realised how people in other countries envy our culture and I am involved in a war aimed at marketing that culture abroad. Our lifestyles have changed over the years but art remains the best way to market our culture.”

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