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Hospital assists albinos with free sunscreen

CHITUNGWIZA General Hospital is providing free sunscreen to at least 150 albinos every month as part of the health centre’s social responsibility programme, a senior hospital official said recently.Sunscreens are lotions used to prevent skin damage from the sun.
Speaking at the launch of preparations for the hospital’s silver jubilee celebrations recently, hospital chief executive officer, Obadiah Moyo, said they were assisting about 150 albinos with sunscreen every month.
“Among other things, we are proud that we provide the blessed white men (albinos) affiliated with the Albino Coalition of Zimbabwe (ALCOZ) with sunscreen to improve their lives,” he said.
Moyo said the celebrations to mark the hospital’s 25 years of existence, would be held on September 2 this year, where the health centre would exhibit its products and services. He said celebrations will last for a year with special events being held every month.
The hospital boasts of a state of the art ISO certified laboratory that officials claimed was the best in the country.

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