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Pensioners can help counsel drug abusers

Previous concerns about the use of drugs by our sportsmen and to a lesser extent, sportswomen, were not taken seriously by sporting bodies and other organisations.
The problem of drugs in sport is now getting out of hand because more sporting disciplines are involved in drug abuse. The latest victim has been our rugby team where an entire team was recently discovered to have traces of drugs in their blood. This alone should warrant an enquiry by officials. But it seems local sporting officials are not concerned because it is only when our sportsmen/women are out of the country that their use of drugs is discovered.

Drug abuse has always been with us. Many drug takers are products of misguided beliefs. The majority of our soccer and rugby players are heavily involved in drug abuse because they think they will excel in their chosen sporting disciplines. Once hooked on drugs, one may never get rid of the habit resulting in premature death and permanent brain damage. Drug addiction has ruined millions of lives all over the world. If ever you feel as if you can no longer do without a joint or pills, it is time you consulted your doctor before you ruin your sporting future.

My advice to authorities is for them to enlist the services of redundant pensioners who are in abundance, to advise our youths and to fight the proliferation of hard drugs.

KF Mhlanga

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