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Do not mix PM’s love life and political career

I am concerned with social media and Zanu PF supporters who are trying their best to decampaign the Movement for Democratic Change leader, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, on the basis of his troubled love life.

Report by Kizito Mupunga

The Prime Minister’s sexual escapades will not damage his political career even if Zanu PF supporters engage in a smear campaign through the media.

It is only in the western culture, where if a public figure or leader is involved in a sex scandal, that leader is expected to automatically step down since he/she would have violated the western norms and values. In our African culture, marrying another wife is very African.

The ruling party is against the western countries, accusing them of aiming to recolonise Zimbabwe, but they are now borrowing values from the western culture, simply because it is convenient to them now that they want to use it against Tsvangirai.

What the Prime Minister did is done by almost every man in this country or Africa. The incumbent president of Zimbabwe’s unflattering love life was disclosed by the late Edgar Tekere in his book called A Lifetime of Struggle released on January 14 2007.

The book has intimate details of how Mugabe nearly ditched his popular first wife Sally. However, none of the social media talked or wrote about him — they remained quiet and I can’t understand why?
According to the African culture, a man is allowed to have as many wives as he wants, as long he can fend for them.

I am aware that there are other MDC-T members who are also commenting, chastising the Prime Minister, but I suspect those members are being sponsored by certain individuals who are eyeing Tsvangirai’s position. I doubt they will succeed.

It has been suggested around that it is the work of the state security or central intelligence organisation who pushed Locardia Karimatsenga to expose the Prime Minister, just to damage his political career.

How can a lady complain about a man who promised and failed to marry her? Isn’t it rare that a lady sues a man after she has been turned down? Does she not also have men that she promised and then let down? Can they also sue on the same grounds?  Many men and ladies have been let down by their lovers but they have not approached the courts.

Where is Grace Mugabe’s first husband right now? But no one is talking about it. Why just Tsvangirai? Leave him in peace.
Why not trace the marriage profiles of most political leaders? What the Prime Minister did is not out of this world and he is not the only public figure who has been overly involved with women.

Why can’t we talk of Zanu PF politicians’ marriage profiles?
MDC-T fans are happy that the Prime Minister has formalised his marriage and now we have a mother in the party. Locardia and Zanu PF fans are out to tarnish Tsvangirai’s image.

Why was Locardia silent all along, only to claim maintenance from Tsvangirai when he was about to marry someone else?

This clearly shows that the whole thing is a planned smear campaign to try to damage the Prime Minister’s political career as enemies are aware that only a few years are left for him to be the President of Zimbabwe.

Let me tell those who are plotting against the PM, that MDC-T fans are turning a blind eye to his personal life to focus on his leadership qualities.

Let me list only five major points why Tsvangirai will remain immensely popular in Zimbabwe despite his private life scandals.

After the GPA, Tsvangirai has succeeded in:

  • Resuscitating the economy of Zimbabwe.
  • Removing the Zimbabwean dollar – valueless currency.
  • Doing away with ghost workers.
  • Reviving transport sector.
  • Power load-shedding is now at least better.

Some people who tend to criticise Tsvangirai have some questionable sexual tendencies.

The more the CIO try to damage and decampaign Tsvangirai, the more he becomes popular. Most Zimbabweans will sympathise with him and wonder why other political leaders’ lives are not being scrutinised?
Morgan is more. You can’t be a leader without followers and Morgan has followers, so he is a leader.

Let’s finish what we started by voting “YES”’ in the forthcoming Second All-Stakeholders’ Conference.

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