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Does Moyo still have a constituency after crossing floors?

Both the Speaker (Lovemore Moyo) and Clerk of Parliament (Austin Zvoma) owe the nation an explanation as to why the Tsholotsho seat was not declared vacant when Professor Jonathan Moyo jumped ship from being an independent Tsholotsho MP to an avowed Zanu PF MP without a constituency.

Recall that those who crossed the floor lost their seats and that a Zanu PF candidate dismally lost in the 2008 plebiscite.

Can it be taken as a good pointer to all aspiring candidates that they can cheat the electorate by pretending to be independent then personally own the seat to take it anywhere including the rejected party without any consequences or even approval of the affected voters?

The ramifications of the precedent are frankly horrendous for Zimbabwe and one shudders to envisage where we are being led to by the so- called educated leadership in our country.

Since there is no party to show him the door, you two owe it to the people of Tsholotsho and all others in future to reign on such wayward impostors. You should also set the precendent by immediately reading the riot act and chucking out Jona out to stop him from abusing the honourable house and serve as a warning to future abusers.


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