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Let’s dissolve the entire team

HATS off to the Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) for their undying efforts in cleaning football in this country.

Report by Brian Nkiwane

But after all has been said, the nation still waits for some answers on measures the board has undertaken which many feel need to be revisited.

It is a good idea to dissolve the entire national team on the basis that they performed dismally in their make-or-break tie against Angola last month, blowing into smoke a precious chance to qualify for the bi-annual continental tournament, the Africa Cup of Nations.

The finals will be staged in South Africa in January 2013.

The Warriors carried a healthy 3-1 lead only to succumb to a 2-0 defeat in Luanda ending their prospects of going to “Mzansi”.

This loss, coupled with some player involvement in the match-fixing scandal that rocked local football when players, officials and football administrators allegedly fixed matches, left the Cuthbert Dube-led board with no choice.

The scandal has since claimed the scalp of 15 players and officials who were banned for life from taking part in any football-related activities. On Friday, the board announced four more officials who were banned for 10 years.

The football association had done its best in as far as preparations for the match were concerned, including hefty bonuses and housing stands in one of the most effluent suburbs in Harare.

But my main worry is the latest move that Zifa board undertook — dissolving the entire team. To every Jack and Jill it sounds like a good idea until they learn the shocking part of the decision, the board spared axe on the technical team. In my view the technical team was supposed to be shown the door first.

I really understand that the association want to get to the bottom of the cause of failure to qualify by demanding a report from the technical team, but the decision to dissolve the entire national team while sparing the technical staff does not seem to hold water at all.

The technical team has been thrown a lifeline to produce a report which will then be used by Zifa to deliberate on their future. One thing for sure, the report will be crafted to save their jobs.

I think that it will be treasonous to have the so-called new players coming into the fold under the same technical team that failed the country.

I have no problem with Rahman Gumbo and his entire technical team, but they were given their chance and blew it.

I urge Zifa not to spoil the new eggs with rotten ones. If we opt for a new team, let it be entirely new. Let’s give upcoming players a chance. Not even a single former Warriors players must be in the new set-up.

African football powerhouse Egypt did the same and they will be enjoying the fruits of development soon.

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